Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Another Lame Excuse

OK, so I haven't posted anything "real" in, like, forever or some junk. First, I blamed it on the trip to Ireland. Then I tried the food poisoning angle. Next, the "new job" excuse. Finally, I threw my Trump Card: "I'm moving, and shit's hella hectic". All are acutally true, but none can truly justify over a full week without a post of any substance. And for this, I offer yet another measly, flimsy apology. The reality of the matter is that I'm suffering from a severe bout of ... what, blogger's block? Well, yeah, I guess. I just don't feel like writing a damn thing, and considering I don't have an "editor", a "deadline" or any sort of paycheck hanging in the balance, I feel no real obligation to type a damn thing about what's going on in my life on this confounded, silly thing! It's odd how a thing I started as a lark and as a way to simply keep in practice with writing anything at all has become more of a monkey on my back than I'd ironically intended with such a name as "The Vitriolic Monkey." But a screaming, turd-tossing simian nuisance this blog has indeed become. Particularly when one factors in the E. Coli, new job, vacation and house-selling.

But I suppose I shan't give up on it completely. After all, I've had some good times here. So I guess the least I could do might be to post a humorous picture from one of my many recent, entertaining exploits in Dublin, right? Sure, why not? So, with minimal further ado... here goes. This picture is of a condom machine in a men's bathroom in a pub in North Dublin called The Brazen Head. It's a famous old place; in fact, it is purportedly the oldest pub in Dublin. Apparently there's been a drinking establishment on this site since the 1100's. Anyway, see if you can determine anything "funny" about this particular condom machine. I, for one, found it quite humorous.


And let me just tell you that capturing a picture of just about anything in a men's toilet anywhere is a brave, courageous thing. One tends to look extremely sketchy hanging about next to a urinal with a digital camera in one's hand no matter who one is, and no matter what one is purportedly doing.

Until next time, folks, keep it real, and for God's sake, steer clear of those damned fade condoms!


At 3:47 PM, Blogger Chandira is full of shit!

Devo, that's why I want you to keep blogging.. your 'half-assed' whisky fuelled posts are better than a lot of people's 'good' posts..

um.. Wrigley's chewing gum??

Brave soul.. A men's bathroom in Dublin is probably even more of a strange place to take photos.. lol

At 2:48 PM, Blogger Hungry Hyaena is full of shit!

Hey, so long as the gum is gives a little tingle, it makes sense to me.

At 10:51 PM, Blogger Sylvana is full of shit!

Maybe it is special condom gum: you have to chew it and blow it into a condom?


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